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Intermediation Agreement for Accommodation Service "Management Group Otel"



General conditions

This Agreement defines the procedure for providing and receiving Hotel reservation services and governs the relationship between the Guest, the Reservation Center and the Hotel. Within the framework of the legislation of the Republic of Turkey, this Agreement is a contract subject to private law.

This Agreement contains necessary information regarding the use of the Site, as well as information and provisions regarding the provision of services that you can receive by using this website to book hotels under the Reikartz brand in the Republic of Uzbekistan/ Kazakhstan / Georgia

When making a reservation for any service and/or subscribing/registering to the website, communicating with “ MANAGEMENT GRUP OTEL ” representatives and continuing to use the website, you fully accept all the conditions presented in this Agreement. Acceptance of the Agreement creates legal consequences for the parties in accordance with the conditions defined in this Agreement in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Turkey.

1. Terms and definitions

In this Agreement, Terms are used with the following meanings:

“MANAGEMENT GRUP OTEL” is a “MANAGEMENT GRUP OTEL” LLC company registered and operating in the Republic of Türkiye, address: Adalet Mahallesi 2132/2 Street No:3 Inner Gate No:27 Bayraklı - İzmir, tax office: Karşıyaka Tax Office, is an organization with tax number 7342432014, which operates the Site/Reservation Center, owns property and non-property rights of the Site/Reservation Center, and has rights and obligations under this Agreement. It acts legally on behalf of the Hotels, within the framework of their demands, and engages in intermediary activities for the sale of tourism services of tourism enterprises, as well as for the sale of spesific and related services.

The booking center / website  is an open Internet resource with the domain name that the guest can use for the following purposes:

- Accessing and being familiar with the services and information provided by the site,

- Online booking and payment for hotel services of Hotels under the Reikartz brand.

Hotel - On this site for hotels, and other accommodation facilities providing accommodation, food and rental services, additional services (hereinafter referred to as “Services”) under the brand “Reikartz” in the Republic of Uzbekistan and rights to make reservations and accept payments through MANAGEMENT GRUP OTEL.

Guest, Customer, Tourist, You, Guest Group, Individual Tourist, Tourist Group, Other Party, Consumer - Natural or legal entities that use the Site/Reservation Center for reservations and payments for accommodation and related services in hotels and for their personal needs or in line with the requests of third parties on their behalf.

Discount - It is a percentage discount made on the accommodation price or the cost of related services offered by “MANAGEMENT GRUP OTEL” from the determined base price provided by the hotel.

Booking confirmation - an information document that gives the right to use the service, subject to payment conditions, cancellation and rules regarding the use of this service. It is sent immediately to the email address specified by the Guest upon successful completion of the reservation, unless additional conditions are specified at the time of reservation. In this context, the customer accepts and declares that the e-mail address in question is his/her own use, that any e-mail sent to this address will be deemed to have been received by him/her, and thus. The e-mails will be considered as evidence.

Payment - money transfer to the bank account “MANAGEMENT GRUP OTEL” for the benefit of the selected Hotel.

Non-refundable tariff - a special rate for hotel accommodation for individuals, which allows payment at the time of booking without the possibility of subsequent cancellation.

Guaranteed reservation – a reservation confirmed by 100% payment for services.

Service - It refers to the services to be provided to the guest outside the borders of the Republic of Turkey, directly in the Republic of Uzbekistan, from beginning to end at the hotel in that country. In this way, the place where the service is received is the Republic of Uzbekistan.

2. Subject of the Contract

2.1. Pursuant to this Agreement, "MANAGEMENT GROUP OTEL" provides the Guest with the right to make reservations for accommodation and related services at the selected facility (Hotel), do the payments, as well as through a completed application, e-mail, online reservation module on the “MANAGEMENT GROUP OTEL” Website, as well as online in favor of the selected Hotel.

2.2. MANAGEMENT GRUP OTEL does not provide hotel services independently and is not responsible for their quality. Acts as Hotel Agent for the purposes of this Offer. For this reason, you need to obtain detailed information about the hotel where you want to receive accommodation and other services, either by phone or through the existing website and other information and communication channels. In this context, by approving this agreement, you accept that you cannot apply to our company for defective service and all other deficiencies and problems regarding the hotel and its services we are the intermediary of.

2.3.The intermediary service included in this agreement is provided in the manner stipulated in the current legislation of the Republic of Turkey and in accordance with the terms of this Agreement. However, accommodation and other services are subject to the legislation of the hotel country and have provisions and consequences in the country.

2.4. By accepting the terms of this Agreement, the Guest confirms his rights, legal capacity and financial sufficiency, and also assumes responsibility for the obligations imposed on him as a result of signing this Agreement.

2.5. If the guest makes a reservation for any service, registers on the site, becomes a member, gives approval by contacting the "MANAGEMENT GRUP OTEL" representatives and marks the relevant approvals and acceptances on the site or proceeds within the site by following the instructions, the contract is deemed to have been accepted. Our company may provide other and/or new approvals, acceptances, consents, etc. to the website within the framework of the technical and technological working order and system of the website and renewals. Also can add page, pop-up, contract, declaration, commitment, consent screens or sections. You are deemed to have accepted these in the same way after entering our website, requesting the instructions and fulfilling their requirements. For this reason, approval, membership, signature, etc. on the site. You will not be asked to sign a separate contract or protocol regarding changes to the processes.

2.6.MANAGEMENT GRUP OTEL may make changes to this Agreement by specifying the end date of the change, without the need for separate notification of the change.

2.7. If the guest has a separate contract with MANAGEMENT GRUP OTEL, the terms of the new contracts will take precedence.

3. Payment and cancellation rules

3.1. The Guest independently chooses the payment method using all possible methods provided by the Hotel for the specific service selected. It is not possible to use payments made for services not specified during the reservation process.

3.2. The price of accommodation and other services is stated in the Reservation Confirmation and is determined according to the prices provided by the Reservation Center. "MANAGEMENT GRUP OTEL" may offer discounts and promotional offers based on the price determined by the Hotel.

3.3. The hotel instructs and permits MANAGEMENT GRUP OTEL to apply different payment methods. Our company has the right to change the payment methods on the site at any time and at its own discretion, without any obligation to message or change this Agreement. The hotel also instructs and/or allows “MANAGEMENT GRUP OTEL” to create Guaranteed reservation conditions for certain services.

3.4. The guest receives an invoice for payment from "MANAGEMENT GRUP OTEL" to the e-mail address specified by the guest during the reservation. When money is deposited into the MANAGEMENT GRUP OTEL account, the reservation is deemed guaranteed after the payment is made. In case of late or incomplete payment, the reservation is considered non-guaranteed. In this case, the hotel and “MANAGEMENT GRUP OTEL” reserve the right to refuse or cancel the reservation. For this reason, the Hotel and MANAGEMENT GRUP OTEL do not accept any responsibility for unpaid reservations.

Service commissions to banks, other expenses, and payments related to reservation payments are entirely the responsibility of the guest.

3.5. When making an online reservation, the Customer/Guest staying at the Hotel must specify whether he or she is a citizen of that country or a foreign national and whether the Guest falls into the category of Guests exempt from paying tourism tax. This data is used to accurately generate service prices and payment invoices. In order to be exempt from paying tourism tax, the Guest must submit the relevant supporting documents that will be the basis for exemption from paying tourism tax. If information and relevant supporting documents are not provided or are incorrectly provided, a tourism tax will be added to the invoice and/or booking confirmation for each Guest. Therefore, the customer is responsible for the information entered and no subsequent changes can be made.

3.6. For hotel services, the price of tourist services includes the cost of accommodation determined by the Hotel and the cost of additional services ordered by the Guest.

3.7. If additional reservation or payment terms are specified at the time of booking, the Guest must comply with them.

3.8. Cancellation and refund policies are specified at the time of booking the service and are valid only for the selected Hotel and service. If the Guest accepts this Offer, he/she is deemed to have accepted the specified conditions.

4. Rights and obligations of the parties

4.1. “MANAGEMENT GRUP OTEL” is obliged to provide the Guest with real-time daily and 24-hour access to the information source on the

4.2. "MANAGEMENT GRUP OTEL" has the right to demand that the Guest comply with all stages of the reservation in accordance with the conditions specified on the Site and in this Offer. Provide valid credit card information, especially for guaranteed reservations, pre-authorisations and debits. By accepting this Offer, the Guest agrees to pre-authorise and withdraw money from the credit card specified by the Hotel or "MANAGEMENT GRUP OTEL" for the booked services, as well as to pay any penalties that may be imposed in case of failure to make the reservation on time, cancellation of the reservation or no-show.

4.3. MANAGEMENT GRUP OTEL has the right to stop providing service in case of technical problems or other situations that prevent service provision.

4.4. “MANAGEMENT GRUP OTEL” has the right to refuse to provide further services to the Guest if he/she does not comply with the terms of this Offer.

4.5. “MANAGEMENT GRUP OTEL” has the right to inform the Customer about news, promotions, special offers and other messages regarding the provision of services via e-mail or SMS. Therefore, by approving this agreement, you approve and accept the e-mail, e-mail, as well as telephone calls and marketing activities to be sent to you.

4.6. “MANAGEMENT GRUP OTEL” is not responsible for the quality of the services offered by the Hotel, but is only responsible for making the reservation, accepting payment in favor of the Hotel and sending the Reservation Confirmation on time. In this context, MANAGEMENT GRUP OTEL's obligations are limited to those listed and cannot be expanded or interpreted in an expansive manner by interpretation or related provisions.

4.7. "MANAGEMENT GRUP OTEL" is obliged to provide the necessary documents in accordance with the current legislation of the Republic of Turkey upon the request of the Guest, if the payment is made to the "MANAGEMENT GRUP OTEL" account.

4.8. The guest is responsible for learning the reservation rules published on the website.

4.9. The guest is responsible for placing reservation orders for hotel services correctly by filling in the required fields in the reservation form.

4.10. The Guest is obliged to provide MANAGEMENT GRUP OTEL with reliable information necessary for the timely provision of services, including the correct telephone numbers and e-mail addresses actually used by the Guest. In this context, the customer accepts and declares that the e-mail address in question is his/her own use, that any e-mail sent to this address will be deemed to have been received by him/her, and thus. The e-mails will be considered as evidence.

4.11. The Guest is obliged to pay for the booked services in the amount and conditions specified on the Site. The Guest must comply with the cancellation rules stated on the Website and in the Reservation Confirmation.

4.12. The guest is obliged to comply with the reservation change and cancellation rules and to make any changes to the confirmed reservation only through MANAGEMENT GRUP OTEL. If the services booked by the guest are changed or canceled directly at the hotel without contacting MANAGEMENT GRUP OTEL, MANAGEMENT GRUP OTEL is not responsible for the consequences that may arise from this.

4.13. The Guest undertakes to comply with the Website Rules, the Accommodation Rules, the rules on the collection, processing and transfer of personal data, the Privacy Policy and the published/published documents and to independently compensate the Hotel for any damage caused. In this context, by approving/signing this agreement, the Guest is deemed to have accepted the accommodation agreement on the website, the text on the protection of personal data, the privacy policy and other texts, commitments, statements and protocols to be included on.

4.14. The guest has the right to benefit from the paid services specified in the reservation confirmation, subject to payment conditions.

4.15. The Guest accepts, declares and undertakes that when he is asked to sign additional documents physically on the website or at the Hotel, he will sign them and will submit them when necessary to make a declaration. Otherwise, the Hotel has the right to refuse the guest admission to the hotel. In this case, the amounts paid are not refundable.

4.16. The Guest cannot refrain from providing documents and information requested by the official authorities of the country where the Hotel is located. Otherwise, the Hotel has the right to refuse the guest's admission to the Hotel. In this case, the amounts paid are not refundable.

4.17. The customer accepts, declares and undertakes in advance the legal responsibilities that may arise due to the customer providing untrue information, as well as other information requested from him/her. Any expenses that may arise due to this situation will be covered by the Customer, and payments made by the Customer who makes false statements will not be refunded.

5. Resolution of disputes.

5.1. All disputes arising out of or relating to this Agreement will be resolved by negotiation between the Parties.

5.2. If the relevant dispute cannot be resolved through negotiation, such dispute is resolved in court in order to determine the jurisdiction and discretion in accordance with the current legislation of the Republic of Turkey.

6. Processing of applications.

6.1. Reservations that are not made online by MANAGEMENT GRUP OTEL or that require additional processing, cancellation and refund transactions are made between 09.00 - 18.00 on weekdays.

6.2 Credit card payment system and bank transfers.

When making a hotel reservation, card information is required to guarantee the reservation. In case of no-show, the Guest agrees to have the amount provided for cancellation of the order withdrawn from the account to which the bank card is linked, in accordance with the reservation conditions. All payments made by debit card through the  website are processed from your credit/debit card through a third-party payment system.

We ask that you carefully check all your booking information before making payment or providing your credit card information.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that some prices are non-refundable.

7. Protection of Personal Data

7.1. MANAGEMENT GRUP OTEL, in order to ensure compliance with the rules stipulated by the legislation in the processing of personal data, to carry out a healthy and safe data processing system within the company, and to ensure transparency in this regard, together with the "Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy" text on its website, provides information on the processing of personal data.

7.2. MANAGEMENT GRUP OTEL 's policy regarding the processing of personal data; It relates to all personal data of people who have contact with the company and its services/products/systems and whose personal data are processed in this way . The main texts that determine the scope of the policy are the Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698 and the relevant regulations issued based on it. The policy begins with the establishment of our website and services, including the date of provision and employee relations, and continues in accordance with company, policy, legislation and other requirements.

7.3. MANAGEMENT GRUP OTEL, in accordance with Article 12 of Law No. 6698, takes the necessary measures, depending on the nature of the data to be protected and the way it is obtained, in order to prevent unlawful disclosure of personal data, access to them. However, there may also be public institutions, private law legal entities, service providers, 'servers', companies providing hosting and domain services, servers, websites, mobile device applications, programs requiring membership, GSM companies and all kinds of platforms with which data is exchanged, with which data is shared. . MANAGEMENT GRUP OTEL cannot be held responsible in any way for the unlawful processing, disclosure and use of personal data arising from them.

MANAGEMENT GRUP OTEL cannot be held responsible in any way for the unlawful processing, disclosure and use of personal data that may arise except in cases of documented gross negligence .

7.5. MANAGEMENT GRUP OTEL has clearly stated the purposes of processing personal data with the information texts included in the systems it uses, and personal data will be processed in line with its business activities, within the scope of purposes related to these activities and within the personal data processing conditions and purposes specified in Law No. 6698. MANAGEMENT GRUP OTEL stores personal data for the period necessary for the purpose for which they are processed and for the minimum period stipulated in the legal legislation governing the relevant activity. In this context, our Company first determines the periods foreseen for the storage of personal data in the relevant legislation, and if a period is determined, it acts in accordance with this period; If it is not determined, it acts within the general rules. If there is no period specified in the legislation, personal data are stored for the period necessary for the purpose for which they are processed. Personal data is destroyed at the end of the specified retention periods.

7.6. Your personal data collected by MANAGEMENT GRUP OTEL; Article 5/2 of Law No. 6698. article and 6/3. In case one of the conditions specified in the article is met, it can be transferred to the following: First of all, to the hotel where you choose to stay and its affiliated company and its subsidiaries, to Turkish and/or foreign persons or organizations permitted by the Turkish Commercial Code, Turkish Code of Obligations and other legislative provisions, to Turkish or to the hotel where you choose to stay. To the legally authorized public institutions and organizations, administrative authorities and legal authorities of the country in which it is located, to make product/service comparisons, software and application evaluations and to learn user expectations and preferences, analysis, evaluation, advertising and real or legal entities from which we receive services and cooperate in the realization of the above-mentioned purposes. individuals, program partner institutions and organizations, institutions with which we have agreements to send the messages we send to our customers, and cargo companies.

This transfer can be made within the framework of the personal data processing conditions and purposes specified in Articles 8 and 9 of Law No. 6698.

7.7.The text of the Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy on the website is an integral part of this agreement.

8.Other Provisions

8.1. Adverse weather conditions, strike-lockout, terrorism, military operation, flood, fire, etc. Situations and situations accepted by judicial decisions and legislation will be considered force majeure. If such situations occur , MANAGEMENT GRUP OTEL may not continue to provide services or may limit its services. In this case, service appropriate to the situation before the force majeure cannot be expected or requested from the Hotel; Therefore, defective service cannot be claimed.

8.2. MANAGEMENT GROUP HOTEL , holiday or new year etc. reserves the right to change the programs of other special days for reasons not related to the Company and the hotel.

8. 3. This contract is deemed to have been signed by Guest's free will and approval during the reservation or by choosing any approval method determined by MANAGEMENT GRUP OTEL , and it comes into force at that moment.

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