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Rooftop Photoshoot in Reikartz King Tamar

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Georgian SPA in Tbilisi with Reikartz King Tamar!

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Chillout on the roof in Reikartz King Tamar!

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Chillout on the roof in Reikartz King Tamar

Experience the true pleasure of rooftop relaxation with our "Chill Out on the Roof" package.

Spend one night immersed in a serene atmosphere of relaxation and comfort in our cozy hotel rooms.

Each day from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM, join us on the hotel rooftop for complimentary wine (you can also additionally order a tasting set or traditional Georgian snacks).

Price: $95 USD for a double room with breakfast included.

You can book a tour by sending a request in a free form to e-mail or by calling +995 577 12 37 82

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