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Change of reservations and renewal of club cards

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Change of reservations and renewal of Reikartz Club cards

The pandemic is changing travel plans throughout the world, and we want to introduce you to the rules of cancellation and change of reservations for groups and individual guests, and for those guests who have booked a tour of the Ukraine at the Reikartz Travel Ukraine.

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Opening hours of the Reikartz hotels

Answers to questions about the mode of operation during the quarantine period

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New project Reikartz Hotel Group — chain of markets “Grafin”

The Reikartz Hotel Group hotel chain presents a new project — chain of markets the «Grafin»

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Reikartz Hotel Group and Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry signed memorandum of cooperation

The purpose of this memorandum is to unite efforts aimed at the development of the Ukrainian wine industry and the promotion of Ukrainian wine. The parties will promote producers, the market of Ukrainian wine and increase the culture of its consumption

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The best of the best!

January 20, 2020 hosted the finals of the "Best in Profession" competition for 2019. The participants again surprised with their creative approach and perseverance.

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Exclusive sale of the Wine Guide of Ukraine

Exclusive sale of the Wine Guide of Ukraine in the Reikartz hotel chain!

From now on, all guests have the unique opportunity to see the book and buy it with their own eyes.

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