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Rooftop Photoshoot in Reikartz King Tamar

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Georgian SPA in Tbilisi with Reikartz King Tamar!

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Chillout on the roof in Reikartz King Tamar!

Cashback at Reikartz hotels all over Uzbekistan

Reikartz presents the first hotel in Turkey!

Cashback at Reikartz hotels all over Uzbekistan

CLICK provides cashback up to 2% for all hotels of the network in the republic, as well as much as 10% for the following hotels:
      ♦️ Reikartz Bahor Bukhara
      ♦️ Reikartz Khiva Palace
      ♦️ Reikartz Khiva Residence

Pay for accommodation throughout Uzbekistan through CLICK, and return the money to your account.

The international network Reikartz unites more than 10 hotels in Uzbekistan and is the largest hotel operator in Central Asia.

      ♦️ Hotels in key regions of the republic
      ♦️ Location in the center and historical districts
      ♦️ 780,000+ guests received in 2022
      ♦️ European standards and Uzbek hospitality
      ♦️ Comfort combined with service


Travel around Uzbekistan with Reikartz and get up to 10% cashback from CLICK!

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