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The rules of reservation and stay hotel Reikartz Sky Almaty

Check in: 14:00 (early check-in possible)
Check out: 12:00 (late check out possible)
The cost of the room includes breakfast in the hotel restaurant
Smoking, using tobacco products, electronic cigarettes, devices for consuming tobacco products without combustion, and hookahs are prohibited

Accommodation conditions

  1. The room will be ready on the day of your arrival from 14:00.
  2. Check-out time: 12:00 departure dates.
  3. Payment is charged per day of accommodation according to the estimated time.
  4. The room rate includes breakfast in the hotel restaurant.
  5. If you live less than 24 hours, payment is made for the full accounting day in accordance with the established time of settlement and the settlement hour.
  6. In case of early departure due to the reduction in the length of the stay at the Hotel in comparison with the booked stay, the Guest undertakes to notify the Hotel about such reduction of the period of residence per day and pay a penalty at the rate of the day of residence and make a calculation for the actually provided Hotel services.
  7. Room rates includes value added tax (VAT).
  8. The hotel room is provided to the guest upon presentation of a passport or other identity document, as well as filling out and signing the guest's registration card.

    Dear guests! In order to prevent the spreading of the COVID-19 infection, we kindly ask you to follow the rules of conduct at the hotel in accordance with sanitary and hygienic recommendations.

Extra charge

  1. Children under 5 years inclusive are accommodated free of charge in one room with parents without extra bed. For accommodation of children over 5 years and adults, an additional fee is charged in the room according to the hotel price list. The cost can be found by contacting the hotel or the central reservation department, and also via the booking module on the website
  2. The Guest has the right to invite visitors to his/her room from 07:00 am to 11:00 pm. If the visitor stays in the room after 11:00, the Guest must pay the difference between double and single accommodation in case the Guest has already payed only for single accommodation. If two Guests have already been registered in the room, the Guest will be charged according to the hotel's price list for accommodating adults with extra bed in the room.
  3. The guest is obliged to reimburse the hotel losses in case of loss or damage to the hotel property, and is also responsible for violations inflicted by the persons invited by him/her. The amount of damage is determined by the administration.

No smoking

  1. All rooms in the hotel are non-smoking. In the premises of the Reikartz Group Otel, smoking of tobacco products is prohibited, except in specially designated places.
  2. In the case of smoking tobacco products in prohibited places is a penalty of 50% of the cost of the selected room category per day.

Early check-in / Late check-out

  1. Early check-in from 00:00 am to 06:00 am is paid additionally at the rate of 100% cost of the stay (breakfast is included in the price).
  2. Early check-in from 06:00 am to 02:00 pm is paid additionally at the rate of 50% cost of the stay (breakfast is included in the price).
  3. Late check-out from 13:00 pm to 11:00 pm is paid additionally at 10% cost of the stay per 1 hour.


  1. Accommodation is payable during check-in or before check-in. Payment can be made in cash, by credit card, etc.
  2. Private reservation made on the site initially has the status of non-guaranteed. Non-guaranteed reservation is valid until 6:00 pm the day before arrival at the hotel. The hotel has a right to cancel non-guaranteed reservations in case of delayed payment.
  3. You can confirm your reservation by making prepayment via credit card for the 1 night stay. The prepayment will not be returned in case of no-show at the hotel or reservation cancellation less than 24 hours before check-in.
  4. By reservation confirmation guest accepts and agrees with the above-mentioned conditions, including cancellation procedure and no show rules.
  5. All prices are in KZT. Payment is due in KZT. We accept cash, bank transfer payments and bank cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express and other.

Non-refundable rate — an online rate, which is valid in case of full pre-payment for the service in the established time from the moment of booking.

A non-refundable rate applies to all business hotels in the chain and includes breakfast.

Payment is accepted only by credit card.

The non-refundable rate is valid for pre-bookings and 100% prepayment, cannot be combined with other special offers and discounts. In case of cancellation, no-show or reduction of accommodation, a refund is not provided for this rate.

The extension of the guest’s stay is carried out at the current rate applicable at the time of the extension.

Additional discounts do not apply to this special offer.

Loyalty cards do not apply to this special offer.

When choosing a non-refundable rate, the guest automatically agrees with these rules.

In case of payment for services from an individual in cash or by credit card, the reporting documents will be issued to the individual. To receive documents for a company, it is necessary to notify the receptionist or booking department and provide the company details before making payment.


  1. In case of cancellation earlier than 24 hours before check-in date, cancellation of reservation is free of charge.
  2. You can cancel reservation by sending an email:
  3. In case if Guest does not arrive at the hotel or cancels the reservation later than 24 hours before check-in date to the hotel, the amount of the prepayment is not returned and is considered a penalty paid in favor of the hotel.

Residents and non-residents of the Republic of Kazakhstan

The resident of the Republic of Kazakhstan (hereinafter referred to as the RK) is:

  1. Entity:
    - created in accordance with the legislation of the RK;
    - created in accordance with the legislation of a foreign state, the location of the actual management body of which is in the RK.
  2. Individual:
    - permanently staying in the RK;
    - not permanently staying in the RK, but whose center of vital interests is in the RK;
  3. An individual is considered permanently residing in the RK if he stays in the RK for at least 183 calendar days (including the days of arrival and departure) in any consecutive 12-month period ending in the current tax period
  4. The center of vital interests of an individual is recognized as being in the RK if the following conditions are simultaneously met:
    1) an individual has citizenship of the RK or a residence permit in the RK (residence permit);
    2) the spouse (s) and (or) close relatives of an individual reside in the RK;
    3) the presence in the RK of immovable property owned by the right of ownership or on other grounds to an individual and (or) spouse (s) and (or) his close relatives, available at any time for his residence and (or) for the residence of his spouse (and ) and/or his close relatives.
  5. A resident individual, regardless of the time of his residence in the RK and any other criteria, is recognized as an individual who is a citizen of the RK, as well as an individual who has applied for admission to the citizenship of the RK or for permission to permanently reside in the RK without admission to the citizenship of the RK:
    1) seconded abroad by state authorities, including employees of diplomatic, consular institutions, international organizations, as well as family members of the specified individual;
    2) a crew member of a vehicle belonging to a legal entity or a citizen of the RK, carrying out regular international transportation;
    3) military and civilian personnel of military units or military formations of the RK stationed outside the RK;
    4) operating at a facility located outside the RK and owned by the RK or subjects of the RK (including on the basis of concession agreements);
    5) staying outside the RK for the purpose of training, including internship or internship, treatment or undergoing health-improving, preventive procedures, during the period of study, including internship or internship, treatment or undergoing health-improving, preventive procedures;
    6) a teacher and (or) a researcher who is outside the RK for the purpose of teaching, consulting or carrying out scientific work, during the period of provision (performance) of these services (works).

Non-residents of the Republic of Kazakhstan are persons who do not fall under the concept of a resident.


  1. To carry out of the restaurant dishes, cutlery, food and drinks without prior approval from the restaurant administration.
  2. To bring and store in the hotel (room) substances, materials and objects, dangerous to human life.
  3. Leave room to unknown persons (persons who did not complete and did not sign the guest registration card), and pass them the keys to the rooms.
  4. To use electric heating appliances, not included in room equipment.
  5. To use hotel and room equipment for other purposes.
  6. To make noise and disturb hotel guests after 10:00 pm and until 08 a.m.
  7. To bring and keep firearms, gas, pneumatic and other weapons, special equipment, armament, devices and ammunitions for them on the territory of the hotel. In case if the Guest has any kind of the weapon, special devices and means, ammunitions and bullets for them the hotel has the right to refuse of settlement.


  1. Pets that are allowed to stay in the hotel include only small and medium sized “non-fighting breeds”. The hotel reserves the right to refuse the Guest accommodation with the animal.
  2. Pets are allowed in hotels in no more than two pets in the same room. The cost of each animal living is 50% of 1 day of stay of single accommodation (regardless of the Guest's stay).
  3. Guests arriving at the hotel with pets must have an animal passport and a veterinarian's certificate stating that all the animals were vaccinated.
  4. Accommodation with animals is possible by prior agreement of the head of the Complex and only in separate rooms. Accommodation with other animals is prohibited!
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The room price includes: accommodation, buffet breakfast, Wi-Fi, taxes (except tourist tax). From 01/19/2023, in accordance with the Decree of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan, tourist tax rates for foreigners have been established.

Children up to and including 5 years old stay free of charge in the same room with their parents without providing an extra bed. The cost of placing children over 6 years old and adults in an extra bed in the room is 10 000 tenge.