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To get a refund, you need to provide the application by name of Individual Entrepreneur (you must specify the full name of the Individual Entrepreneur listed in the account, Form), with a refund request according to the invoice No. ________ of ___.___ 20___ in the amount of ____ UAH. (the application must be written by hand, with a signature and a date).

The application must specify the account number of the credit card from which the payment was made (money will not be returned to another card), and on which the refund of the paid amount will be made. It is also necessary to specify the details of the bank in which the payment was made, namely: the EDRPOU code, the MFO (bank code) and the bank's current account.

Scan copy of the application (digital documents) should be sent to the following e-mail address:

After checking, the original of Application should be sent to the postal address: 18d, Teplovozna Str., Kyiv, 02081, Ukraine (marked “for accounting department by Reikartz Hotel Management Ltd.”).

After receiving the complete Application (original), the money will be returned to the guest account from which the payment was made.