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Scandinavian cafe Fika (Str. Getmana Polubotka)

Main page Restaurants Scandinavian cafe Fika (Str. Getmana Polubotka)


Ресурс 97
Bank card
Ресурс 123
Number of seats:
Ресурс 69


A cozy cafe in Scandinavian style in the historical center of Chernigov. The menu offers a wide selection of Scandinavian pastries, desserts, sandwiches and pies, a large assortment of coffee and coffee drinks from the Swedish roaster Löfbergs. Each season – new items in the menu!

The cafe is located nearby in the same building as the Reikartz Hotel Chernigov.

Ресурс 77
Working hours:
7:00 – 22:00