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Stargorod Restaurant

author's, european, french, grill, italian, meat
Ресурс 97
Bank card
Ресурс 123
Number of seats:
Ресурс 123
Summer terrace, places:
Ресурс 69
Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi


There is a cozy harbor in Mykolaiv for a quiet rest, savoring fine wines and tasty dishes – the restaurant «Stargorod» on the shore of the Southern Bug.

In the morning, gentle beams of dawn, a beautiful view of the river in the afternoon, and a quiet sunset on the summer veranda in the evening – as an addition to delicate tastes, pleasant aromas and a light pastel atmosphere of the restaurant.

The restaurant menu is known for dishes of French, Italian and European cuisine. Specialties with masterly serving of the chef: medallion of veal, steam salmon with couscous and New Zealand mussels. In this wine restaurant you can taste wines from more than 13 countries.

Classic design, author's dishes, pleasant conversations, evenings of live music and fragrant wines are an ideal place for someone who knows how to appreciate taste and beauty.

The concept of this restaurant was realized by the famous French chef Jean-Louis Dugert. More about the achievements of the chef in the article “Cannes culinary tradition from chef Jean-Louis Dugert”

Ресурс 88
Sportyvna Street 9, Nikolayev, 54015, Ukraine
Ресурс 73
Ресурс 75 Phones:
0512 721 721,
093 19 19 008
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