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Restaurant Primavera

Italian Cuisine
Ресурс 97
Bank card
Ресурс 123
Number of seats:
Ресурс 69
Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi


Small and cozy Italy at the exquisite Primavera restaurant in the city of Rivne!

Primavera means Spring. And it is this bright, light and pleasant atmosphere that complements delicious food served at the restaurant.
Here you will be treated to a restaurant’s special pizza, delicate soups, pasta and risotto, seafood and meat dishes for every taste.

Primavera is an Italian restaurant, which makes an ideal venue for banquets, weddings and other special occasions. The atmosphere of Spring and the taste of Italy in every dish.

Ресурс 77
Working hours:
Ресурс 88
Petra Mohyla street 14, Rivne city
Ресурс 73
Ресурс 75
+38 (067) 290 04 94
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