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Georgian Сuisine Cafе «Stumari», Cherkassy


авторская, грузинская
Ресурс 97
Bank card
Ресурс 123
Number of seats:
Ресурс 106
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Ресурс 69


This is a cafe about Georgia, sunny khachapuri and juicy khinkali, especially strong chacha and Georgian wines

In Stumari in the city of Cherkassy the truly Georgian chef Temur works and knows how tasty and traditionally to cook any dish from the menu

In this cafe you will dip into a small but so authentic Georgia with toasts, traditions and sunny hospitality

Evenings of live music, delicious food, a wide wine list will make your evening, really, enjoyable

Ресурс 88
6 Lazareva St., Cherkasy, 18001, Ukraine
Ресурс 73
Ресурс 77
Working hours:
11:00 – 23:00
Ресурс 75
+380 67 243 1680
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