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    Alexander Stepanovich Romanchuk

    Autobiography: at school I really wanted to follow in the footsteps of my father and become a military man, since my father graduated from Riga Higher Military School and was a lieutenant colonel. But it so happened that I went to study at Kharkov State Higher School of Physical Culture. At the end of the school in front of me was the question of whether I want to continue my career in sports. For myself, I concluded that fighting for me is still a pleasant hobby, although it has achieved some success. Then, at the same time, I graduated from Kharkov professional lyceum of food technology and trade (specialty cook-waiter-bartender) and Kharkov State University of Nutrition and Trade (specialty engineer-technologist). My first experience was in the position of a waiter. After a while I took the post of bartender, then the restaurant administrator. For the further growth and development in the restaurant industry, I really wanted to cover the work of the kitchen. In October 2011, I came for an interview at the hotel Reykarts Kharkov for the position of Cheif assistant. After an internship in the hotel Reikarts Dnepropetrovsk, I returned to Kharkov as a cook.

    Career path with Reikartz: from 2011 to 2017, I held the following positions: Cheif assistant, cook, senior chef and chef. During this period I've been working already in the third hotel of our chain. I was lucky, I went on business trips and saw other restaurants of our chain: Dnepropetrovsk, Polyana, Rivne, Vinnitsa, Zaporozhye, Krivoy Rog, Kropivnitsky. I believe that business trips to other hotels are an excellent development tool.

    Motivation in work: to achieve professionalism in any work, an employee should strive to become the best in his specialty. The enthusiastic person will necessarily grow in a post and will continuously develop in itself additional skills. At various stages of growth and development of a person, motivation is peculiar to change. Of course, no one has canceled the financial aspect in the motivation of any of us. But if this question is omitted, then at the moment the key motivation for me is development.

    The greatest achievement in life: it is very difficult to answer this question. We change every day and change our attitude to what is happening. For example, in the first year of our life, our first steps can be considered the greatest achievement, and in the student's years - the "safe" graduation from the university.

    Secrets of productivity: there is a very good quote that I remember: "I'm not trying to dance better than others. I'm only trying to dance better than myself. " It seems to me that I have long been following this principle unconsciously. Following him, I constantly improve my "yesterday's" result.

    Sources of inspiration: my beloved wife!

    Hobbies: The main hobby in ife is my job!

    Personal success formula: to leave the comfort zone !!! Business trips, changing the environment, new teams, a new menu and dishes, and, of course, new guests. All this gives "acceleration" to our development.

    Advice to a beginner career in Reikartz: our network gives a huge opportunity to young, quite "green", not yet specialists, to begin their career in the hotel or restaurant area. If you really have a lot of interest and desire to grow, and not just go to work and get paid, there is everything and even more.

    How I see my further development in the company: by the end of 2017 - the chef of the hotel group of our network; By the end of 2018 - the chef of all the hotels of our network.