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    New Year with Reikartz!

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    Dear friends, we are pleased to announce that due to the increase in the number of hotels of different levels managed by Reikartz Hotel Management, we decided to launch new brands. Since the present moment, five hotel chains in Ukraine are united under the umbrella brand Reikartz Hotel Group.
    Chain brands: Reikartz Collection Hotel, Reikartz Hotels & Resorts, Optima Hotel, Vita Park, Raziotel.

    Reikartz Collection Hotel is a brand that unites 4+ star hotels located in large cities and resorts of Ukraine. These are special hotels with an increased level of comfort and strict compliance with European standards of service. Individual approach to each guest, an expanded range of mandatory services, from a pillow menu to an exquisite Swedish line. Elegant textiles, natural wood, marble details – all this, combined with central locations and special attention to detail, allocates hotels of the new brand in the market of hotel services in Ukraine.

    Incorporates 3+ and 4 star hotels located in major cities and resorts around Ukraine. Each hotel within the chain is notable for its high level of comfort and guest care, as well as for warm and welcoming attitude toward visitors, with the highest standards of service being fully complied with.

    The optimal choice for every traveler. Hotels under the brand name Optima Hotel will offer customers with different needs and budgets the best price/quality option.

    It is a chain of health resorts located in some of the most beautiful and environmentally safe areas of Ukraine. Vita Park hotels offer families a variety of recreational activities and health-improving services using the best natural materials.

    It is a chain of 3 star hotels for business travelers. The chain's slogan "Reasonable hotel by Reikartz" most accurately reflects its aim to allow customers to pay only for what they really want.

    Travel agency from Reikartz Hotel Group for comfortable trips around Ukraine. We offer you to discover a unique country: visiting outstanding tourist destinations and comfortable conditions during the whole trip. Excursions, master-classes, quests, hiking will open new horizons of beautiful Ukraine. 

    Provides comprehensive services in the conference service market of Ukraine. Organization of business activities, leisure, nutrition, provision of equipment, transfer. Individual approach to the event and a personal conference manager 24/7.