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Important information

Important information

Due to the situation on the territory of Ukraine, guest accommodation services are temporarily not provided.

Dear guests. these are only temporary measures. We are in touch by phone, e-mail and will inform you about changes on the site and our social networks. We do our best to hospitably open our doors to you again. Let's hold on!


  • Raziotel Kryvyy Rih

  • Reikartz River Mykolayiv

  • Raziotel Marenero Odesa

  • Raziotel Rishelievskyi Kherson

  • Optima Kherson

  • Reikartz Mariupol

  • Reikartz Zaporizhia

  • Raziotel Chernivtsi Airport

  • Reikartz Attache Kyiv

  • Raziotel Kyiv (Boryspilska)

  • VitaPark Borysfen

  • Reikartz Kharkiv


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