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Reikartz Miramar Chernomorsk:we have opened!

New hotel in Rivne is already open!

We give out 1000 UAH for trip in Ukraine!

Connecting major cities of Ukraine!

Batch offer «Healthy Polyana»

New family tours to the Carpathians

All new Reikartz Mural Lviv - now оpen!

Batch offer «Wellness Carpathians»

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“Infinite Relax” package

Work and rest

The offices were closed, but the work is remote? So why not transform your home workspace into a beautiful, nice and inspiring suite at one and the chain's resort hotels?

Work remotely in the most beautiful resorts of Ukraine. Fresh air, picturesque landscapes, SPA after work  not an office, but a dream!

Why is it a good idea to choose Reikartz resort hotels for remote work?

  • work where it is comfortable (hotel lobby area, room or mini-coworking in the conference hall)
  • need to print your files? Let's do it for free.
  • animators are engaged in leisure for children throughout the day.
  • food, coffee and other necessary little things
  • nature and fresh air
  • whirlpool bath as a gift in the hotels Reikartz Carpathians and Reikartz Polyana
  • SPA relaxation after work
  • visit to phyto-barrels (20 min) as a gift at the VitaPark hotel Sunny Provence

A special offer is valid for the hotels: Reikartz Сarpaty, Reikartz Polyana, VitaPark Sunny Provence

For reservations contact tel. or e-mail:
+38 044 536 12 11
+38 067 570 65 49

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