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Let's go to the Reikartz resort hotels for May and Easter!

A long holiday weekend is waiting for us, so let's dive into a great vacation!

Let's go get some impressions!

How is Zakarpattya celebrated?

In this region we celebrate Easter on a grand scale!

At the Reikartz Carpaty:

  • dance master classes from the participants of the show "Everybody Dances" - Alexey Smutka and Anastasia Pavlinskaya
  • creating greeting cards for Rabbit
  • quest "In Search of the Easter Bunny Gifts
  • we'll decorate a Easter Bunny
  • we'll watch "Petrik Rabbit"
  • Play a lot of outside games, board games, and Xbox
  • go to the mountains and the river Zhdenyvka
  • and a favorite karaoke for the guests

And at the Reikartz Polyana:

  • we will prepare Easter baskets and invite a priest to their consecration
  • a creative master class for children on painting Easter eggs
  • the first culinary master-class this spring - Making our favorite Bograch!
  • and with children we will learn how to cook pizza and cookies
  • the novelty of this season - English speaking club for kids
  • we'll go up to the mountains
  • evening cinema
  • and a Traditional May BBQ

Accommodation with 2 persons
May 1 - 4

Room type

Reikartz Carpaty

Reikartz Polyana

standard 6837 UAH / 2 persons 6909 UAH / 2 persons
Superior 8331 UAH / 2 person

7503 UAH / 2 person

>>Go to the Reikartz Carpathians


031 242 4050 

>>Go to Reikartz Polyana


031 242 4057

May and Easter in VitaPark Sunny Provence!

A hotel among the forest, away from the megalopolises is the best place for a light Holiday!

From May 1 to 4, we will be preparing for the holiday:

  • Painting Easter eggs.
  • create Petrikovsky paintings
  • We'll prepare Easter baskets, and for the consecration we'll invite the priest of Holy Trinity Monastery.
  • And what a May Day without a BBQ and a party! May 3 - The first outdoor barbecue of the year!

Accommodation at VitaPark Sunny Provence with 2 meals a day
From May 1 to May 4:

Standard - 4332 UAH / 2 persons
Superior - 4782 UAH / 2 persons
>>Go to VitaPark Sunny Provence 


0 382 735 220

Lviv on Easter and May Holidays!

The aristocratic city of Lion invites you for a Long Weekend!

Special offer for the holidays - Aromatic Weekend Tour at hot prices!

The tour includes:

  • An individual tour with interesting stories from the guide about the old streets, locals and architecture that still remembers Austro-Hungarian times!
  • We invite you for a coffee in a cafe that the locals choose

Accommodation at a hotel of your choice: Reikartz Medievale, Reikartz Dvorzhets, or in the newly opened Reikartz Mural!

Tour price including accommodation, food and program:

Reikartz Medievale

Reikartz Dvorzhets

Reikartz Mural

2100 UAH / 2 persons

1600UAH / 2 persons

1700 UAH / 2 persons

>>Tour Aromatic Weekend

067 556 5902

Easter in Hutsul!

Enjoy the unique Hutsul culture in Yaremche!
The first spring hikes in the mountains, walks to the unique full-flowing cascade waterfall Proboy and Prut mountain river.

You will NOT think of a better scenario for the May holidays!
Gift in honor of the opening of Zhyvets SPA visit on May 2 - free!
On the 3rd of May - 50% discount!

Accommodation at VitaPark Stanislavsky with two meals
(May 1 - 4)

CLASSIC - 5283 UAH / 2 persons
STANDARD - 6264 UAH / 2 persons

>>Go to VitaPark Stanislavsky

034 342 3815

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