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    Autumn travel with Reikartz Travel Ukraine


    Main Offers Detox Tour 23.09 - 29.09

    DETOX TOUR 23.09 - 29.09

    Dear guests! We have received a large number of your wishes to change the dates of the Detox Tour. Listen to you Watch in social. detox Tour. Thank you for being with us.

    Detox Tour program (Detox intensive)

    Duration: 7 days/6 nights

        Endless chase and desire to accommodate everything in 24 hours. Familiar? We forget that, like our own home, our bodies and thoughts also need general cleaning. The fast pace of life in the metropolis, constant stresses do not leave us time to take care of our health.

        Detox Tour is a program based on the needs of people who show a special interest in a healthy lifestyle. Creating a supportive environment around and within us contributes to a qualitative improvement in life and relationships with others.

        The tour includes the selection of existing techniques that allow you to feel the surge of energy, get rid of the hated kilograms.

        Who will be interested in the program?

    • Detox Tour is a great opportunity for those who do not want to spend a lot of time and most importantly - health on debilitating diets, and thoughts of slimness add shine in the eyes and push to think about cleansing the body.

    • If you are driven by the desire to get rid of stretching fatigue, loss of energy, joint pain, dull hair and more.

    • Stress wedged into your life and became the main travel companion.

    Detox result:

    • Saturation of the body with vitamins, trace elements;

    • Cleansing from slags;

    • The opportunity to learn all about proper nutrition;

    • Losing weight without diets;

    • Cleaning the stomach and intestines.

        Together we learn which foods cleanse the body of toxins and toxins, how to lose weight without harming health and more. After all, the program of comprehensive cleansing of the body consists of:

    • A composed diet of proper nutrition for the duration of the tour;

    • Sports, herbal medicine, outdoor walks in the woods;

    • Respiratory and spiritual practices (meditations);

    • Metabolism stimulation with mud appliques, relaxing baths, whirlpools and other SPA treatments.

        A week of balanced nutrition and exercise will allow you to get an effective result, both in terms of weight loss and normalization of metabolic processes in the body. To make it easier for you to do this, the Detox Tour will be supervised by a doctor and a professional trainer.

    Book a seat

    The cost of the Detox Tour includes:

    • Morning charging with the coach;

    • 7 days of Detox menu;Mud appliques;

    • Classic massage;Water treatments to choose from (Underwater Shower Massage / Dos S'Arco / Bath Whirlpool ("pearl");Press therapy;

    • Group training with a trainer: Pilates, yoga, functional training, meditation;

    • Free visit to the sauna and pool between procedures;

    • Group classes Aquaaerobics on schedule;

    • Phytobar: Detox cocktail and phytochai once a day;

    • Active games (table tennis, badminton, darts, beach volleyball, etc.);

    • Excursion to the Sofiyivka National Arboretum Park;

    • 10% discount on all additional spa services.


    Classic Double:

    Special Price



    9 348

    13 566

    Standard Twin:

    Special Price



    9 888

    14 106

    Grand Standard Twin

    Special Price



    11 013

    15 396


    * Medical advice is mandatory to determine the number and type of procedures to guarantee the maximum effect.

    * When you check in, the guest receives a recommended menu from our dishes, which can be found on the Swedish line.

    * According to the Detox Tour program, every morning, the guest receives 1 Detox cocktail for the day at the Terrace restaurant and 1 phytochai during the day.

    * 6 morning walks on terrencourt with breathing gymnastics in the forest.

    To clarify the cost, please contact the booking department, by phone. or e-mail:

    (099) 753 2000

    (097) 753 2000

    (063) 753 2000