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Tour "Women's Antistress "Phoenix Bird. Reborn and live on""

For almost ten years now, in the cozy resort hotel "Vita Park Sunny Provence", we have been gathering Ukrainian women and taking care of them, offering quality rest in the national reserve "Podilskyi Tovtry".

This is a short but important journey for every woman to her true self. This is a time to study and accept yourself. In the rhythm of the modern world, we need to be able to direct our gaze inside ourselves, to forget for a while about the hustle and bustle of the city and everyday worries in order to find a source of inspiration and energy.

This time the program is designed for 3 days/2 nights and 7 days/6 nights, for your convenience)

Join us on the spring relaxation tour "Women's Antistress", March 24 - March 30.

The tour includes:

  • Accommodation in rooms of the category to choose from
  • Two meals according to the "buffet" system
  • Psychological training
  • Art workshop
  • Yoga, meditation, and Pilates
  • Walks and entertainment
  • Modern spa and wellness procedures

The detailed program of the tour can be found at the link HERE

Name of procedures, services

quantity for 1 person

amount for 2 people

Consultation of a spa doctor



Consultation of a cosmetologist



Reception of the medical canteen

mineral water

"Naftusya Zbruchanska"


Eco-relaxation "Cedar benefit"

(phyto barrel, body scrub)



Back massage



Coconut oil hair mask

or clay of your choice



Foot program "Toning Mint"



Paraffinotherapy of the hands on the basis

coconut butter



Relax massage



Rest in the "Room of Salt Lamps"


Classes in the gym


Morning fitness classes



* When choosing an offer for 3 days (2 nights), we RECOMMEND arriving at the hotel on Friday, March 24, to become a participant in the psychological training "Phoenix Bird. Reborn and live on"
also includes consultation with a spa doctor and cosmetologist, classes in the gym, relaxation in the salt lamp room, morning fitness classes, reception of "Naftusia Zbruchanska" mineral water, accommodation in a room of the selected category, and 2 meals a day.


Number Category

Residence 3 days/2 nights

Residence 7 days/6 nights

Classic (single)

UAH 3 900

UAH 12 050

Standard (single)

UAH 4 150

UAH 12 900

Standard (double)

UAH 4 800

UAH 18 350

Superior (single)

UAH 4 500

UAH 13 900

Superior (double)

UAH 5 200

UAH 19 450

Junior suite (single)

UAH 4 900

UAH 15 200

Junior suite (double)

UAH 5 550

UAH 20 500

*A tourist tax is additionally charged.
An additional seat is paid for at the general rate.
Children under the age of 6 stay with their parents for free, without an extra bed.
Discounts do not add up, and bonuses are not accrued.
Only 1 medical or spa treatment in the package can be changed to an alternative cost.

For reservations, contact us by phone. or e-mail:

+38 (096) 879 54 77
+38 (066) 402 72 13
+38 044 536 12 11
+38 067 570 65 49

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