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Taking care of the ecology in the hotel sphere. Reikartz experience

The theme of environmental saving becoming more popular in Ukraine. Well-known companies bringing the public into awareness of the importance of protecting the environment by their own example.

The largest hotel company in Ukraine - Reikartz, also stands on the sidelines and is involved in environmental protection.

Oksana Yanyuk, Deputy Operations Director, Head of the Housekeeping Department, will tell us what projects have already been implemented by the company and what to expect in the future.

Oksano, please tell us what was the impetus for the company in supporting the environment?

The experience of international companies inspires us and motivates us to develop. We are the largest hotel chain in Ukraine, so we kind of set an example for other industry representatives.

Tell us about your first initiative? Was it difficult to implement?

We started with a simple but important step - reducing waste and emissions. What we did: We went from mini cosmetics in small bottles to using dispensers. The dispenser allow us to reduce plastic waste. Instead of using a shower gel tube and throwing it in the trash, our guest simply puts a few presses on the dispenser and receives the same amount of money without unnecessary plastic container emissions.

The use of sheet paper reduces the waste of paper (cutting down wood), because sheet paper can be used to the last sheet, while the roll must be changed when there is still residue on the coil.

We have also decided to involve our guests in protecting the environment and have joined the European initiative to reduce detergent emissions. We have posted messages for our guests about the use of towels in each room. So, if a guest wants the towel to be replaced he puts it on the floor. If the guest leaves them on the hooks or shelves, it means that they will be reused, meaning we will not use and throw away extra chemistry. This way we reduce pollution together.

Of course, it is impossible to talk about ecology without touching on the topic of detergents. Reikartz uses high-quality phosphate-free detergents from one of the market leaders, Ekolab. We also use professional concentrated detergents from other European manufacturers, with appropriate sanitary and hygienic findings. This gives us the opportunity, again, to reduce plastic waste by diluting concentrates with metering systems, as well as reducing harmful phosphate emissions.

Reikartz Hotel Group is the largest hotel chain in Ukraine, has every hotel in the network really innovated and how can it be controlled?

Currently, almost every hotel has joined all of the innovations or at their implementation stages. We independently provide our hotels with all the means for "green" work through centralized supply contracts, so the control is easy enough.

Do you plan to continue to develop ecotematics in the future? Share your ideas.

Surely, we would like to minimize plastic emissions and other waste at the hotel in future. However, not only should we be prepared for this, but our Guests. After all, the refuse of plastic bottles of mini cosmetics, slippers, plastic bags and other little things that make up most of the daily synthetic waste - may not be appealing to the end consumer.

Today our hotels working enthusiastically towards the garbage separation and the disposal of waste such as paper, glass, fats, light bulbs, metals.

Remember, environmental awareness is an important aspect of today's social life. In fact, protecting and enriching nature is not so difficult, sometimes it is enough to change a few daily habits!

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