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The hotel chain Reikartz speaks Chinese now.

On November 5, the “Chinese friendly” program was launched at the Reikartz Hotel Group, aimed at tourists and business travelers from China to make their stay in Ukraine more convenient and comfortable.

The program “Chinese friendly” has already existed in different countries of the world, but it is unique in Ukraine at the moment. Reikartz is the first hotel chain that adapts the entire range of its services to guests from the PRC, – Alexey Larionov, director of corporate culture at Reikartz Hotel Group, comments the launch of the program. – We analyzed the market and found that 25.2 thousand tourists arrived in Ukraine from China in 2017, which means that during the year tourist flow increased by 40%. Creating an adapted service is an important decision for successful cooperation between countries. We strive to increase interest in the cultural heritage of Ukraine, as well as to provide guests from China with comfort even away from home”.

Six Reikartz hotels have already become participants of the program, including Raziotel Kyiv Yamska, VItaPark Borysfen, Reikartz Zaporizhia, Raziotel Marenero Odesa, Reikartz Dworzec Lviv and Reikartz River Mykolaiv: voice translation, navigation in hotels and information in the rooms translated into Chinese, and for breakfast you can choose Chinese dishes and use traditional chopsticks. For 2019, the program will be distributed to all hotels of the chain.

Today, the Reikartz Hotel Group hotel chain unites 41 hotels in Ukraine, Sweden and Germany.

More information about the program on the link:

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