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Special award from the «Palm Branch-2018» prize for the Reikartz Hotel Group

On May 16, in Kyiv, the final of the Ukrainian national stage of the restaurant concept award «Palm Branch-2018» and the solemn ceremony of awarding the winners took place.

This award was established in France in 1993 by Daniel Mazhonshi, founder of the Chantegrill restaurant chain and the Mundaka restaurant. Annually it is presented by an authoritative international club of restaurant business professionals Leaders Club International, headed by President Jürgen Strasser. In Ukraine, the "Palm Branch" got in 2016.

This year in the finals there were 12 representatives of the best restaurant concepts that meet the selection criteria: original, with new trends in design and atmosphere, and, importantly, with strong personnel policy.

The Reiakrtz Hotel Group received a special award for the «Palm Branch» for the development of gastronomic culture in the hospitality industry. Behind this award is the work of the whole service restaurant service Reikartz, where each employee made efforts, contributed a part of his creative and talent in the common cause. Congratulations to the team of the SRS victory!

The conceptual restaurants of the network, according to which the jury evaluated: "Zivot A Pivo" - a Czech-German pub in Chernigov, "Tlustyi Gusak" - a restaurant of medieval cuisine in Lviv, "Stumari" - a cafe of Georgian cuisine in Sumy.

You can watch a video story about these and other restaurants of Reikartz Hotel Group.

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