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Reikartz Company will appeal against the decision of the Lviv City Prosecutor's Office

Reikartz Hotel Group would like to clarify the information that was posted yesterday by the Lviv city prosecutor's office.

What is happening resembles an attempted raider takeover or witch hunt, as the competent authorities know that the company's owners have Turkish and Israeli citizenship, are opponents of the war and the regime in Russia and patriots of Ukraine, having invested heavily in Ukraine since 2006.

Since the start of the war, the hotel group companies have continuously assisted the Ukrainian Armed Forces by transferring funds for various needs. The main owner of the company has a work permit and residence permit in Ukraine since 2016 and is also a tax resident of Ukraine.

We will appeal against the decision because the information given in the prosecutor's office's statement does not correspond to reality. We urge the law-enforcement bloc not to look for enemies where there are none. This undermines the foundations of doing business by foreign investors in Ukraine and worsens the investment climate in the country.

Our hotels continue their work throughout all the territory of Ukraine. Information about the blocking or seizure of accounts does not correspond to reality and will not affect the duties assumed by us.


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