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Reikartz takes a part in seminars from the "Academy of Hospitality"

Reikartz takes a part in seminars from the Academy of Hospitality magazine

From February 15 till February 16, the first seminar in the cycle of seminars-workshops from the journal "Hospitality Academy" will take place in Lviv. The search for new prospects and ways of development of the hospitality industry of Lviv will be carried out by specialists of the region within two days.

On February 15, a round table will be held on the topic "To meet and take: the state and prospects of the service of Lviv region's hospitality infrastructure before increasing the flow of tourists".

During the round table the topics dedicated to the prospects for improving the transport infrastructure and improving the quality of tourist services in Lviv and the region will be raised, as well as the results of tourist activity for 2017 will be summed up. The meeting will be attended not only by representatives of the hotel industry, but also the city administration, tourism, transport, construction and many others. Reikartz's experience will be shared by Dmytro Semkiv, Deputy Director of Operations Reikartz Hotel Group.

The program of the seminar on February 16 will include real cases, insights, analysis of algorithms and hotel and restaurant business practices in practice. Among the speakers in the seminar will take part: Julia Kosenko, managing family hotel Happy Inn; Olga Mischenko, consultant-practitioner on business and hotel management; Dmitry Yakovenko, Whirpool product trainer; Yuliya Gaziyeva, Regional Operations Director of the Reikartz Hotel Group will address the topic of improving sales through motivating the various departments of the hotel.

At the moment there is active preparation for the seminar. The organizers invite to join the event, as hotel business professionals, as well as those who seek to improve the infrastructure of the region, making Lviv and the region successful tourism, and tourists' travel – even more enjoyable.

Program details and registration here 


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