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Reikartz opens the restaurant of Medieval cuisine in Lviv

The highlight of this restaurant is an authentic medieval cuisine and the atmosphere of those times. Visiting the restaurant you can get known with many mysterious legends and taste the dishes according to the recipes dating back to the 13th century.

Among the dishes of "Tlustiy Gusak" menu of the restaurant you definitely will be interested in such an exclusive positions as dishes of game (roasted meat of wild boar, deer ribs and stewed rabbit in wine). All the guests of this places like homemade drinks according to old recipes – with an extract of roses, apples and peel, fig, sea buckthorn and spiced drinks. All meals are served in the handmade clay dishes with forged cutlery.

Interior the restaurant at once transports visitors in the era of the Middle Ages: you can see armor and weapons on the walls, stained-glass windows and reproduced frescoes. You should come down into the cellars to feel the mystical atmosphere of the restaurant "Tlustiy Gusak".

At the entrance all visitors are welcomed by the mascot of the restaurant – a real alive goose Leopold I. And there are much more interesting things in this restaurant!

For more information:

Lviv, 9 Drukarska st., Reikartz Medievale
Tel: +38 (067) 238 04 62

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