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Reikartz Hotel Group took part in the third seminar from the journal The Academy of Hospitality

April 27, in Ivano-Frankivsk hosted the third seminar from the journal «Academy of Hospitality». The theme of the last seminar was «The rate for the weekend. A weekend tour and a «long» weekend are tools to attract guests».

In addition to the season of summer and winter holidays, the peak of tourist activity, the holding of business events becomes urgent, as during the year there are periods of low occupancy of hotels. How to conduct business and maintain the hotel and restaurant business efficiently, skirting the «slim places» of seasonality – the answers and solutions to these questions were revealed by the speakers of the seminar.

With the theme «Corporate client – how to take into account his interests, and what to offer. The sales method for corporate clients» – Tatyana Kinchevskaya, deputy head of sales department of Reikartz Hotel Group.

«I am glad that more and more people who are not indifferent and interested in it, professionals in their fields, who are trying to bring the hotel, restaurant and tourist industry of our country to a new, higher level, take part in similar seminars and trainings in Ukraine. Only together, by exchanging experience, by searching for and analyzing problem zones, we will be able to achieve a positive result and find effective solutions» – Tatyana Kinchevskaya shared her impressions.

The company Reikartz Hotel Group acts as the general partner of a series of seminars on Ukraine, the next of which will be held on May 30 in Kiev.

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