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"Reikartz Day" in Ukrainian cities

On October 2, the new Reikartz Day project will start from the Reikartz Hotel Group. Business meetings will be held in 14 cities of Ukraine on the basis of chain hotels. The events are aimed both at students who dream of getting into the hotel industry, and at current and future business partners who develop their business with the help of Reikartz.

The project is thematically divided into two parts. The first part of “Career and Training with Reikartz” provides an informative presentation about the prospects and benefits for Reikartz employees, the announcement of a new corporate educational institution and innovative customer focus training.

The second event is planned in the format of a business meeting under the slogan “Reikartz reliable partner”. The main goal of the meeting is to create a business platform for various types of businesses, government representatives in the city and the Reikartz hotel chain.

“The Reikartz Day project will allow you to exchange useful contacts and learn about the opportunities that the Reikartz hotel chain provides for both professional development and business,” comments Sebastian Kremer the chief executive offiser of the national hotel chain Reikartz Hotel Group.

View the program and register for the event “Career and training with Reikartz”

View the program and pre-register for the event “Reikartz reliable partner”

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