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Project "Reikartz Day in your city"

This fall, Reikartz Hotel Group presented a new project, “Reikartz Day in Your City.” Business events and business meetings were held in 14 cities of Ukraine, based on hotels of the chain. Alexey Larionov, Project Manager and Corporate Culture Director at Reikartz Hotel Group, spoke about the main tasks, opportunities for cooperation and prospects.

Alexei, what was the task and goal of the Reikartz Day project?

The main objective of the project was to introduce our guests and partners to various ways of cooperation with our company, as well as to popularize Reikartz Hotel Group as an employer.

The project is thematically divided into 2 parts: “Career and training with Reikartz” and “Reikartz reliable partner”. Why are events divided?

Indeed, each event took place in two stages. In the first part, we introduced students and potential candidates to the best place to work in the hotel industry in Ukraine. The second part, where our business partners were present, was completely devoted to business cooperation, which is why we divided the events into two parts, but under the auspices of “Reikartz Day”.

The events were held in 14 cities of Ukraine on the basis of the Reikartz hotels, did the audience in each of the cities differ? What difficulties did you encounter?

You know, we have excellent partners in all regions, we love and appreciate them very much. The differences were only in the number of guests, it all depended on the scale of a particular city. In total, more than 2500 guests visited us.

This is the first experience of holding such events by Reikartz Hotel Group, but despite the number of cities and tight deadlines, we were able to organize events at the highest level. The only difficulty was that not all guests in the regions knew all our brands. Most of them know Optima hotel, Raziotel and concept restaurants separately, many have stayed at VitaPark brand hotels and Reikartz Hotels & Resorts, but since the event was called Reikartz Day, not all guests associated it with the hotels they visited.

At the event, we introduced these guests to the entire structure of the company and which hotel and restaurant brands are included in the Reikartz Hotel Group umbrella brand.

What projects from Reikartz were presented at business meetings?

On the part of business events, we presented our resort hotels. Agree, constantly holding conferences, we forget that we need to relax, and besides, we can combine relaxation and holding conferences surrounded by mountains and silence. Also, we did not forget about the online booking module, which greatly simplifies the process of booking hotels. Introduced the conceptual restaurants of our network, which open throughout the country. And presented a new non-profit project from Reikartz - “Wine Guide of Ukraine”.

What opportunities for the development of small and medium-sized businesses provides Reikartz?

Here I want to draw attention to three approaches by which we can cooperate with medium and small businesses. Firstly, guests can use our hotels to host partners across the country, as well as our conference service for events. Secondly, we act as a reliable partner in terms of construction and management of new network facilities, but acting as a management company, and the building itself belongs to our partners. We have many examples of successful and productive collaboration of this type. And the third, the Reikartz company, is always developing and looking for new opportunities to provide quality services and high service to its guests. Therefore, we also need suppliers of certain services in the field of HoReCa and are always open for cooperation.

For those who did not attend the event, will additional, possibly individual meetings be held?

Of course, you just need to come or call the Reikartz hotel in your city and the hotel manager will answer all your questions and give a presentation not only of a specific hotel, but of the whole company. And also, stay tuned on our website, perhaps such business meetings will delight our partners on an ongoing basis.

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