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St. Nicholas Greeting

Following up to the good tradition established in 2013, St. Nicholas Residence continues its work!

This year, due to quarantine restrictions, the Residence isn’t open for visitors and it’s young guests, but St. Nicholas has recorded his winter holiday greetings, which can be viewed on our Facebook page.

As before, the Residence fulfills its charitable and social mission - it gives children a fairy tale and faith in a miracle. We decided to congratulate Roshen and Kite with gifts from children who need the most support and protection:
- Kindergarten - Preschool educational institution № 3 “Tower” - 46 children
- Special group in the Preschool educational institution № 17 “Fireflies” - 14 children.
- "Multidisciplinary Training and Rehabilitation Center", Suvorov, 21 - 30 children
- Kite backpacks for children of parents who died in the anti-terrorist operation - 11 children.

«We believe that the New Year's residence helps to create a fairy tale for children and a holiday for adults! Developing this project we are inspired by the happy eyes of children, grateful feedback and our faith in the good. This is what unites us here, in the New Year's Residence of St. Nicholas» - comments Andriy Korchak, Reikartz Kamianets-Podilskyi hotel manager.

St. Nicholas Residence was established at Reikartz Kamenets-Podolsky hotel premices and was organized by hotel with support of the City Council. In 2013-2020, more than 38,000 people became its guests. It can rightly be called the largest New Year's Residence in Podiylla.

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