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Signing of a new "Ukrainian Pact for Young People"

Signing of a new "Ukrainian Pact for Young People"

In Kyiv, on September 23, 2020, the five-year history of the ambitious initiative "Ukrainian Pact for Young People  2020" of the Center for CSR Development and the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine with the support of the UN Population Fund in Ukraine is coming to an end.

The initiative of the Pact for Youth was renewed and focused on overcoming new challenges, and a new “Pact for Young People  2025” was solemnly signed with the participation of the head of the personnel department of Reikartz Hotel Group - Romanchuk Nadiya.

The initiative arose in response to high unemployment among young people of all ages. For almost 5 years, the Pact has been signed by the top managers of 148 companies. 45,000 places were created for internships and the first work of young people.

"Ukrainian youth has great potential and self-organization. Our goal is to provide jobs and professional development of this potential, which will prevent the mass departure of young people abroad in search of a better life. Participating in the development of this area, we not only create conditions for self-realization of young people, but also motivate our own example, showing all the opportunities and prospects for development in the largest hotel chain in Ukraine - Reikartz Hotel Group" - comments the head of staff, Nadiya Romanchuk.

The Youth Pact initiative will be renewed and focused on overcoming new challenges by 2025. Mentoring from employers will be a new priority of the Pact for Youth  2025. The Pact will create an All-Ukrainian mentoring platform that will break down barriers and stereotypes, as well as open access to opportunities for young people from different regions.

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