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Opening of the New Year's Residence in Kamenetz-Podolsky

By the New Year holidays, by tradition, in Kamenetz-Podolsky will open the New Year's Residence of St. Nicholas - a social project that will be held for the seventh year in a row. The main mission of the project is to give children a fairy tale and faith in miracles.

The official opening of the Residence of St. Nicholas will be held on December 14. Throughout the New Year holidays, the organizers think through a number of free gaming programs designed for children of different ages. St. Nicholas will meet the children, and on December 28, he will solemnly hand over the staff of the board to Santa Claus.

The residence is located at the base of the Reikartz Kamianets-Podilskyi hotel. It was organized by the hotel and with the support of the City Council. It is here that the children of all Ukraine will meet with St. Nicholas and Santa Claus. During the work of the Residence in 2013-2019, more than 38,000 people became its guests. It can rightfully be called the New Year's Residence in Podolia.

“From year to year, the New Year's Residence gives its guests a fairy tale and faith in miracles! We make every effort to create a true atmosphere of celebration and magic. After all, there is no stronger motivator than a sparkling smile, laughter and happy eyes of children,” says Andrei Korchak, manager of the Reikartz Hotel Kamenetz-Podolsky.

Opening of the New Year's Residence of St. Nicholas: December 14, 2019

Address: st. Starobulvarnaya, 2, Kamenetz-Podolsky, 32301, Ukraine

View the holiday program: (link)

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