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Opening hours of the Reikartz hotels

We have many questions about the situation with hotels in Reikartz Hotel Group because of announcement of quarantine in Ukraine from March 12, 2020 to April 3, 2020.

We inform you that the hotels and restaurants of the chain operate according to schedule and regulations of city councils, and we are always weight to our guests. In the event of any changes, we will immediately inform about them on the pages on social networks and on the site

We note that Reikartz, at all network facilities, has implemented measures recommended by the Ministry of Health, which are aimed at reducing the risks of the spread of coronavirus infection COVID-19.

Also, our hotels has been using high-quality European products containing disinfects for the past 12 years, and disinfection of rooms and public areas is carried out on a daily basis. After each departure, not only the rooms as a whole are spotless, but also door handles, remotes and bathrooms are processed.

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