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Reikartz Miramar Chernomorsk:we have opened!

New hotel in Rivne is already open!

We give out 1000 UAH for trip in Ukraine!

Connecting major cities of Ukraine!

Batch offer «Healthy Polyana»

New family tours to the Carpathians

All new Reikartz Mural Lviv - now оpen!

Batch offer «Wellness Carpathians»

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“Infinite Relax” package

New Hotel 4* in Khmelnytskiy!

New member loyalty programs – Reikartz Chernihiv!

Dear participants of the loyalty program!

New Reikartz Chernihiv hotel joins Reikartz loyalty programs: Reikartz Club, Reikartz Corporate Guest, Reikartz Priority Guest, Reikartz Business. Take advantage of the trips and enjoy unique offers from the Reikartz hotel chain.

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