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Reikartz Hotel Management is not under sanctions.

The information that Reikartz hotels are under Ukrainian sanctions is not true.

The Decree of the President of Ukraine No. 279 of 12.05.2023 imposed sanctions on Reikartz Hotels and Resorts (Cyprus) Limited. Reikartz Hotel Management LLC did not have and does not have any relations with the above-mentioned company, as since 2019 the owners of Reikartz Hotel Management LLC are V.O. Kashutin and A.M. Dema, who have Ukrainian citizenship. This information is publicly available on the Opendatabot website.

Reikartz has publicly condemned the war since the beginning of the Russian invasion and continues to systematically support the Ukrainian Armed Forces. The hotel chain continues to operate and pay taxes. Reikartz is currently the largest hotel chain in Ukraine, and the company's position is unchanged and transparent.

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