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May 22 starts the «Young Leader» training course from the Reikartz Hotel Group

«Young Leader» – a course of 5 weeks duration, including theoretical and practical parts.

«The training course is free, and it is a real opportunity for young professionals to try to reveal themselves and discover the abilities in the new field, or to consolidate their experience and become a professional hotel and restaurant business. We strive to create comfortable and comfortable learning environment: provide accommodation and meals. During the selection phase, our company's successful and leading specialists will share their experience. The practical part of the course will be held at Reikartz hotels, so everyone will be able to feel clearly in the role of manager or manager».  commented moderator of the course Sidneva Irina.

The «Young Leader» course will start May 22, 2018 in Kyiv. Graduates from 2017-2018 are invited to study, specializing in tourism, hotel management, management, etc.

Participants who will be trained successfully will receive a contract for cooperation with the Reikartz Hotel Group in the following positions: hotel manager, hotel manager deputy, receptionist, restaurant service staff, sales, logistics, marketing or individual project.

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