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    Main News Georgian Cuisine Cafe "Stumari". Look inside

    May 3, 2019

    Georgian Cuisine Cafe "Stumari". Look inside

    The Georgian Cuisine Café "Stumari" is part of the Reikartz Hotel Group concept restaurant chain. Cafes are located in several Ukrainian cities: Lviv, Sumy, Kherson and Cherkasy. It is here that every visitor can visit only one visit to the traditional hospitality of sunny Georgia, to feel the scent of fragrant khachapuri and to enjoy a glass of good Georgian wine.

    Myroslava Lutsik, head of the marketing department Reikartz, and Lilia Belko, head of the restaurant service Reikartz, told us about the history of the creation of a small, authentic Georgia in Ukrainian spaces and cafes with their own soul.

    "When we came up with the task of inventing the name of a new concept restaurant with Georgian themes, we took over all the interesting, sonorous, delicious and edible names, but everything did not bind to the very idea of ​​the restaurant. And a large number of competitors around this niche urged to find an unusual and non-standard name, for example, the "Stumary" was born, in translation from the Georgian language it means "guests", – says Miroslava. – Those who have been to Georgia have probably noticed that the restaurants here look home-warm, cozy. Many interior items have been brought from different parts of Georgia, so we can not only try authentic Georgian dishes from real Georgian chefs but also touch the particle of this sunny, vivacious scent of wine of the country".

    Why a cafe, not a restaurant? In what city to wait for the next "Stumar"? Is the chef obliged to be a Georgian? And what experiments with traditional Hinckley have caused a furor at visitors? – these and other questions have already been answered by Lilia Belko and Myroslava Lutsik in our blog.

    Read the blog: