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The II Poltava Tourism Forum took place “Sphere of hospitality”

Participants of the forum, representatives of the tourism industries, resolved and discussed acute issues that developed against the background of a difficult world situation:

  • The first question is the obstacles to the development of the hospitality industry that arose during the quarantine.
  • The second question is how to get around these new obstacles and not lose your business.
  • The third question revealed the ways of growth and prospects for the development of the tourism sector in Ukraine.

The main goal of the event was to analyze old standards and new approaches to customer service. The answers were provided by representatives of the authorities and the best industry speakers. The Reikartz company was represented at the forum by co-owner of the Reikartz Gallery Hotel Julia Ischeikina.

In addition, the Forum discussed the issue of how to influence the development of the economy with the help of tourism and what to sell during the crisis. All attendees received helpful tips from insiders in the hotel industry.

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