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Antistress Tour from Vita Park Sunny Provence

Even the most successful, energetic and active women sometimes dream of a complete reboot. Everyone wants to feel the lightness, the kind of carelessness and the burst of new strength. Before each new run, you need to pause for thought, as a volleyball player before a new feed, a pedestrian before a red light, a hiker on a halt while climbing a mountain peak. It is at these moments that you can feel the solution to important issues, or what seemed out of place becomes a trifle.

We have developed a special tour for women - women who are smart, self-sufficient and successful. They know a lot and are open to the new. They understand that in order to give, one must first fill oneself. They know that can do a lot and develop their strengths and knowledge.

Such women need short breaks for their own “restart” – 7-day tour “Female Antistress” and will be your right choice.

For the participants of the spring tour "WOMEN ANTISTRESS" we have prepared:

  • exciting meetings and communication with interesting, specially invited experts and experts on this tour
  • emotional leisure antistress
  • modern spa treatments
  • nature walks and entertainment


You will restart the nervous system through women's fitness, art therapy, therapeutic practices, dance and movie nights. You will be able to sleep, slow down your pace and restore your energy balance. You will have the time and opportunity to pay attention to your soul, your body and your thoughts. Carry out a spring detox of the body with mineral water "Naftusya Zbruchansk". You will live not just in a hotel, but in a hotel that is located in a true "place of strength".

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