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VitaPark Sunny Provence

Health Center отеля VitaPark Sunny Provence


Medicinal-table mineral water "Naftusya Zbruchanska" is extracted from the unique mineral of Zbruchanska mineral in its healing qualities. Combining crystalline transparency and rich mineral salts, water restores and heals your body.


  • Chronic pyelonephritis
  • Cholelithiasis and salt diathesis
  • Chronic prostatitis
  • Chronic cystitis
  • Gastritis
  • Stomach ulcer and duodenal ulcer
  • Chronic hepatitis
  • Disease of the endocrine system
  • Metabolic disorders
  • Arthritis and osteochondrosis
  • Diseases of the blood circulation system 


If constant stresses do not allow the body to relax, the best remedy is balneotherapy! Water very well relieves fatigue, returns strength and a good mood, cures ailments and gives health for many years.

Service Time Cost
Hydromassage 20 min. 195 UAH
Mineral wellness bath with foam and flavored salt 20 min. 125 UAH
Conifer bath  20 min. 125 UAH
Magnesium bath  20 min. 125 UAH
Bisofite bath  20 min. 125 UAH
Turpentine bath  20 min. 165 UAH
Rapid bath Sivash  20 min. 185 UAH
Bath "Cleopatra" 20 min. 175 UAH
Pearl bath  20 min. 155 UAH
Mineral bath for children  20 min.  125 UAH


Physiotherapy is a method of treatment that uses currents, magnetic fields, laser, ultrasound, and others. The use of physiotherapeutic methods does not usually cause pain, on the contrary, they have a soothing, analgesic, as well as tonic, anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmic effects, contribute to the increase of the natural and specific immunity of humans. The effect of physiotherapeutic procedures (if it is not a pain reliever) occurs after 4-5 procedures.

Service Time Cost
Inhalation (on herbs / soda) 10 min. 45 UAH
Tubes quartz 10 min. 45 UAH
Magnetotherapy (collar / spin / arm / leg /
organs of the abdominal cavity)
15 min. 55 UAH
Darsonval (leg vessels) 10 min. 35 UAH
Ozokeritotherapy (joints of the legs, arms / lumbar spine) 30 min. 95 UAH
Paraffin therapy (hands / feet) 30 min. 115 UAH
Finnish sauna (up to 5 people / each next person)  60 min. 455 UAH / 95 UAH
Dry carbonaceous bath 30 min. 105 UAH
Criosauna  3 min. 325 UAH
Klymmis (cleansing / drip irrigation with mineral water /
herbal or oil microclysters) 
30 min. / 60 min. /
30 min. 
125 UAH
Reflexotherapy, acupuncture needles are applied 1 time / 2 days.
Course of 4-5 procedures (weight loss / vision improvement /
headaches, migraines / Osteochondrosis of various spine divisions /
Sexual dysfunction / nicotine addiction)
30 min.  75 UAH
Reflexotherapy, microgranular implantation 1 time / month.
Course 3 months
30 min. 315 UAH
Evminov's prophylaxis (diagnostics of posture for children) 15 min.  200 UAH


Service Time Cost
Remedial (cleansing) of a scalp 30 min. 255 UAH
Cryotherapy of the hair part of the head  15 min. 105 UAH
Darsonvalization of the scalp  10 min. 55 UAH
Coconut oil mask 30 min. 125 UAH
Hair Mask with White / Yellow / red clay  30 min. 125 UAH


Service Time Cost
Consultation on the use of mineral water 30 min.  
Consultation with a physician therapist 30 min.  
Consultation of a nutritionist, nutrition specialist  60 min. 355 UAH
Consultation of a rehabilitation specialist 30 min. 150 UAH
Consultation of psychologist 60 min. 355 UAH
Diagnosis of stress resistance of the body
according to the method of Latishev
60 min. 465 UAH
Cardiogram   65 UAH
Measurement of blood sugar   65 UAH

Room rates include: accommodation, food (depending on the chosen tariff), swimming pool, gym, doctor's consultation, Wi-Fi, parking, taxes (except for tourist fees). From February 13, 2019 the local council established a tourist tax rate of 0,5% for resident (domestic tourism) and 3% for non-resident (inbound tourism) of the minimum wage, established by law for January 1 of the reporting year for one person for each day of temporary accomodation of a person at the hotel.

Children under 5 years old are free of charge in the same room with parents without extra bed. For children over 5 years old and adults depends on the food tariff you choose.