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Reikartz Polyana

Treatment of hotel Reikartz Polyana

The hotel "Reikartz Polyanna" offers the following directions of treatment and spa treatments.


  • Reception of mineral water Kvass glade
  • Healing baths (mineral / flavored in assortment / pearl jacuzzi)  
  • Hydro laser shower
  • Blind sounding

Peloid therapy:

  • Applications by zones
  • The wrap is general


  • Total / spine (back) / collar / upper extremities / lower extremities / stop / head / anti-cellulite /child and others.
  • Thai massage
  • Stone therapy
  • Massage with singing Tibetan bowls

Physiotherapy apparatus:

  • Magnetotherapy
  • Phototherapy
  • Pressotherapy

Other procedures:

  • Inhalation
  • Solarium
  • Acupuncture foot massage


  • Phyto-tea
  • Oxygen foams


  • Ultrasound diagnosti
  • ECG

Dear Guests, Please bring with you a medical record or the results of medical tests for a quality and safe appointment of procedures during consultation with the Chief Medical Officer of the Medical Center.
The consultation is free of charge by appointment.

Massage with singing Tibetan bowls

This type of massage is recognized as one of the best and most effective systems in the fight against stress and has a unique therapeutic effect on the human body due to sound vibrations.
The therapeutic effect of this massage is in 2 main stages: first, the massage master relaxes the patient's body, using the technique of traditional Thai massage, and then proceeds to sound massage - frequency oscillation of sounds and vibrations, reproducing bowls, resonate with human organs, with all systems her body - immune, cardiovascular, nervous, lymphatic, digestive, respiratory, musculoskeletal, excretory, covering and sexual.
Massage with singing Tibetan bowls promotes deep breathing, relieves various spasms, inflammatory processes, muscular and psycho-emotional blocks, increases the amount of endorphins in the body.

- first and last trimester of pregnancy
- the presence of a pacemaker
- alcohol or drug intoxication
- epilepsy
- acute viral diseases


Dear guests! Reikartz Polyana operate with enhanced security measures! 

Room price includes: accommodation of your choice, food (depending on the chosen tariff), indoor swimming pool, outdoor swimming pool (running seasonally), sauna, gym, Wi-Fi, mineral water Polyana Kvasova (pump-room lounge), consultation of cosmetologist (by appointment), Animation for children (children's room, a playground, games room, animators), parking, hiking with a guide, taxes (except for tourist tax). From January 1, 2019, the local council established a tourist tax rate of 0.5% for resident (domestic tourism) and 1% for non-resident (inbound tourism) of the minimum wage established by law for January 1 of the reporting year for one person for each day of temporary accommodation of a person at the hotel.

Children under 5 years old are free of charge in the same room with parents without extra bed. For children over 5 years old and adults depends on the food tariff you choose.